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New Graduates

Hiring schedule

Work flow until hiring
Company information session
Participate in a company information session and visit the company
Preliminary selection
Document and aptitude screening (company visit not required)
Final selection
Interview with executives
Unofficial job offer

Apply to participate in the company information session

Please use MyNavi or Rikunabi to book a slot for the company information session.

Schedule and details of the company information session
Morning session 10:00am to 11:30am
Afternoon session 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Booking for either session accepted at any time

■Company briefing (history and business lines)
■Roundtable talk with junior employees
■Company tour (tours will be conducted at a distance due to confidentiality requirements for customer drawings, etc.)
■Explanation of selection process

Job description for new graduates

Job description Mechanical design
Number to be hired 3
Work hours 8:15am to 5:00pm (45 minute lunch break)
Initial monthly base salary ■Mechanical design■ ■Software engineer■
Master’s degree: 200,000 yen (2018.4)
Bachelor’s degree: 178,000 yen (2018.4)
Vocational high school diploma: 168,000 yen (2018.4)
Junior college or vocational school diploma: 148,000 yen (2018.4)
Monthly salary example (includes the following benefits) ■Mechanical design■ ■Software engineer■
Master’s degree: 220,000 yen
Bachelor’s degree: 198,000 yen
Vocational high school diploma: 188,000 yen
Junior college or vocational school diploma: 168,000 yen
【Diligence】 5,000 yen
【Certification】10,000 yen
【Commuting】 5,000 yen
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays (full-scale five-day work system), national holidays, company holidays (114 days off per year (2018))
Paid-holidays Annual paid leave, congratulatory and consolatory paid leave, special paid leave (5 days by 20 years of service)
77.0% of annual paid leave is taken (2018)
Stipends Commuting, diligence, certification, family, job title, overtime
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