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Fourth year employee I-Group

Fourth year employee

Why did you choose this line of work?

I’ve been interested in machinery and manufacturing since I was a kid, and I attended a university focused on industrial fields.
During university, I experienced a lot, from machining to electrical controls. Among these fields, I felt that design was where I wanted to be in the future. Another reason why I chose design is because I underwent in-depth training on computers at university, so I wanted to utilize these skills in my career.

What have you noticed since joining Autome Giken?

I felt the depth of the field of design. Essentially, design takes place at a desk, but you can’t create good designs without other knowledge outside of design. This includes machining, assembly, preparations, and the feeling of people actually using the equipment. In many situations, a single dimension on a drawing will determine how a part is machined, so the way of entering dimensions will determine whether a part is easy to make or not. To thrive at this job, I feel you need to gain knowledge in various fields with a broad outlook, instead of just thinking “I’m the designer so I don’t need to know about anything else.”

Tell us about your current job and motivation.

Recently, I’ve been able to expand beyond just design and drawing, as I’m participating in the estimate process and customers meetings. Honestly, I’m very nervous about taking part in meetings with other companies, but I’ve been able to acquire knowledge and experience that I’m lacking through the discussions. While there are cases of confusion because different customers have different cultures and rules, I feel that in each of these situations I have been able to expand my horizons. Some aspects of my job are arduous, but I feel happy with my decision to pursue a career in design whenever others praise my design or drawing work.

Message to students considering Autome Giken.

Honestly, this job is for some people but not others. Yet, I believe it is a good career choice for people who are interested in machinery and like to investigate and think about the structure of things. It is best to have broad knowledge when you join the company, but the most important things are passion and motivation. I am still learning and I’ve found that if you’re motivated, the knowledge will soon follow. Definitely visit Autome Giken if you think you’d be interested in such a career.

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